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About Us.

Nestled in the heart of Durango’s North Main District, Bird’s is the latest addition to Durango’s award-winning and revered restaurant community. It’s Durango delicious.

Our Resto.

Serving Deliciously durango Rotisserie Chicken

As might be surmised from the name (and the “chicken coop” inspired exterior), chicken is the menu’s focus. But not just any bird. It’s healthy and thoughtfully prepared chicken, which has never been exposed to antibiotics, and it enjoys a 24-hour savory rub, before roasting on a unique rotisserie grill specially ordered from France. Your order size and taste is tailored to your appetite, accompanied by house-made special sauces and side dishes.

We also have the world’s first Zuberfizz fountain. Zuberfizz is our Durango, home-grown, natural soda company. Sample a variety of fresh fountain beverages.

Our special neighborhood gathering place features an interior bar and tables, as well as seating on an expansive new outside deck that includes a fire pit. Stop by for a family-friendly casual dinner or after-work happy hour with friends. (Of course you can’t have a chicken place without outstanding chicken wings!)

Chicken Plus

You've never had Chicken like this

Bird’s is housed in the building that was formerly Durango’s Kentucky Fried Chicken. Since KFC’s closure, there’s been a hunger for chicken, and with Bird’s we’ve kicked it up a notch from the fast-food restaurant.

Get It To Roll!

Oh, and we saved the KFC drive-thru, so you can order your chicken and sides (or other taste-tempting treats) in advance from your SmartPhone, and it’ll be hot and waiting for you to enjoy with your family clink the link to make breakfast, lunch or dinner a fast, convenient and healthy happening on the fly…

Let's eat.

Bird’s opens daily at 11am with our signature rotissierie chicken ready to fly out the door. Plenty of fresh and house made salads and sandwiches are on the menu as well. Stay tuned as we plan to open earlier with our great breakfast offerings as soon as we get some wind under our wings. And we have plenty of free parking.

Or call us : (970) 426-4596

Open for Dine-In & Take-Out 8am-9pm daily

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